Who are we

Founded in the year 2022, we are bunch of highly experienced industry professionals coming from various backgrounds like Business Consulting, Architecture & Design, Application Development, DevOps and Delivery Services who got together to form this amazing new organization named "Bitmoq Technologies".

We bring more than 18 to 20 years of industry experience and wealth of knowledge to help our customers achieve their objectives with maximum value gain.

Our Core Values

We strongly believe that our core values position our organization with a unique set of differentiators when compared to other organizations who serve in the technology & services delivery space.

Value Addition

Every customer is unique as well as their pain points too. Hence, figuring out what value addition is requires a lot of experience. Our Business and Technology Solutions are always aimed at ensuring value addition for the unique needs of our unique customers.

Customer Focussed Approach

It's not about how great we are. It's all about the customer. We understand the unique needs of our customer and are committed to deliver fast, efficient, cost effective and high quality solutions to help our customers achieve their objectives and goals.


In this digital age of constant innovation, serving a wide array of cutting edge technologies is key to being a trusted partner. We constantly invest in building our capabilities and acquiring more skills to help our customers get what they are looking for.

Our Promise & Commitment to our customers

Our entire focus is to help you solve your unique challenging problems with our knowledge & experience in a simple, cost effective and scalable way.